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Learn how to get free advertising with a $10,000/month Ads Grant. offers a free self-paced training course to help business owners qualify for a Google Ads Grant. To date, the Google Ads Grant has helped over 100,000 nonprofits worldwide since the program was established in 2003.

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Free Self-Paced Video Training Course

If you manage a nonprofit organization or charity, you may be interested in learning about Google Ads Grant and the free Ads that come with it. Google Ads Grant is a $10,000 per month free Ads credit, which can be used to promote your organization. is a website that provides free training on how to get the $10,000/month Google Ads Grant and keep it for life.

The site offers a self-paced course that covers all aspects of the grant application process, from creating an Ads account to creating a vibrant community of customers. The course also provides tips on how to optimize ads for maximum impact. Ads Grant Training is designed to help nonprofits and charities maximize their use of Google Ads. By taking advantage of these resources, you can ensure that your nonprofit or charity is using Google Ads to its full potential.

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Ads Grant Training Topics

Our comprehensive Ads Grant Training covers the following topics and more!

Entity Creation

Develop a nonprofit community impact business model and form a 501c3 nonprofit entity.

Grant Approval

Obtain an approved Google Ads Grant and setup a non-profit Bookkeeping & Tax Prep System.

Manage, Monetize & Publicize

Focus on building & energizing a community. 

Ads Grant Requirements

Imrove and refine your Ads account while adhering to the strict eligibility requirements of Google.


Self-Paced Video Course Content

Entity Creation

  • How To Develop A Nonprofit Business Model
  • How to Form a 501(c)(3) Corporation
  • How to Register a Website Domain Name
  • How to Create A Nonprofit Website
  • How to Create a Google Business Profile
  • How to Open a Nonprofit Business Checking Account
  • How to Create a Business Merchant Services Account

Grant Approval

  • How to Obtain Ads Grant Approval
  • How to Setup a Google Ads Campaign for Nonprofits
  • How to Produce a Training Resource
  • How to Create Quality Content

Bookkeeping & Legal

  • How to Setup Nonprofit Bookkeeping
  • How to Setup Legal Services 

Manage & Monetize

  • Google Ads Requirements
  • Best Practices to Optimze a Google Ads Campaign
  • How to Build and Energize a Virtual Community
  • Create an Amazing Experience for Community Members
  • How to Monetize the Community 

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This free video course will help secure a $10k/month Ads Grant

Once accepted into the Ads Grant program, an organization must maintain certain best practices in order to keep their Ads account active. For example, Ads Grants accounts must have active campaigns with at least 2 active ads running at all times. Organizations must also avoid prohibited use of Grants funds, such as using Ads for political campaigning. Ads Grants are a great way for nonprofits to connect with new supporters who care about their cause. This free video course will help you secure a $10k/month Ads Grant.


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Additional Grant Sources

While the primary nonprofit grant source is the Google Ads Grant, below are additional grant funding sources to consider.